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Luke Lowbrow No. 1

September 2nd, 2009

OK. A few Disclaimers and an explanation:

1. I am a huge Star Wars fan in all its many forms.
2. I have admitted to possessing an “unconditional” love for all things Star Wars (even when some fans think an offering here or there is sub-par).
3. I have been playing or reading books SW RPG since 1987.

The current and BEST SWRPG podcast around is called the Order 66 Podcast.  They had an amazing bit called Storm Trooper Poetry which I really enjoyed.  When the writer had to conclude producing the bit, the Order 66 guys opened up submissions to their audience for a “replacement” (even though no one can really replace it).

So in response to missing and completely awesome Storm Trooper Poetry, I humbly submitted “Luke Lowbrow’s Holonet News Network Evening Update” for their consideration.   It’s basically spoof in-universe news about mundane things like parents groups lobbying for Wookiee dress codes, labor strikes, Corellian fashion and Gungan anti-defamation legal actions.

It got a positive reception and I plan on producing many more of them.

This can be heard on the Order 66 Podcast Episode 75.


=] Dan

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